Managing Your Health in a Post-Covid-19 World

Covid’s lasting effect on health care delivery and access

  • Fewer physicians. Many health care professionals — including highly experienced physicians — decided to leave the industry entirely in the wake of Covid, due in part to the workload and stress they experienced trying to care for so many patients as the virus surged and surged again.
  • The wave of aging baby boomers. The demand side of health care is ramping up like never before. Baby boomers will need more and more health care as they age into their 70s and beyond — and likely live longer than past generations. Additionally, medical advances will create greater demand for elective procedures — just as there will be fewer doctors to perform them. Perhaps most troubling: The sheer size of the boomer demographic (72 million) will likely create significant problems in terms of access to care. With so many older Americans needing so much health care, Medicare will be strained — likely resulting in waiting lists, denials for service and health care that doesn’t measure up to previous levels of quality.



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