It can be all too easy to focus on just one aspect of your financial life — and in doing so, miss opportunities as well as incur unnecessary risk.

That’s where wealth planning comes in. Wealth planning is all about examining your full financial picture — not simply investments, although they’re included, but also your advanced needs. These might include wealth protection, tax mitigation, wealth transfer (also known as estate planning) and charitable giving.

Armed with a full view of your situation and goals, you can set out to consider and examine a wide variety of financial and legal strategies…

Regardless of how Covid-19 has affected your personal health, chances are that it has made a difference in the health care you receive and are able to access.

We asked Dan Carlin, M.D., CEO and founder of concierge telemedical practice WorldClinic, for some of the biggest health care-related lessons that he thinks will come out of the pandemic and the implications for all of us going forward.

Covid’s lasting effect on health care delivery and access

When Covid first hit, and then later when it resurged, many medical offices and primary care facilities across the country were essentially closed to anyone who wasn’t infected with the virus. Routine checkup…

These days, too many successful, wealthy individuals and families are simply not getting the advice that’s most appropriate to help them achieve their key financial goals.

There are a number of reasons for this. But one main culprit is that, overall, there are a relatively small number of financial advisors we would describe as extremely talented and deeply caring professionals.

So it’s a good time to ask yourself: How good is the financial advice I’m getting these days?

Four types of advisors

To make smart decisions about your wealth, you want to be sure you’re working with true experts. That means professionals who are…

It seems like everyone wants to know what it takes to live fulfilling lives, foster happier families, create and manage stronger teams, and have happier clients. And why not? Can you imagine a life where all those outcomes are a reality?

The good news: There’s a way to pursue those results that research has shown works. The key to it all is connectedness — a concept pioneered and championed by world-renowned psychiatrist Dr. Ned Hallowell. Connectedness is the feeling of being part of something larger than yourself that matters to you. …

The pandemic has impacted people’s financial lives in ways both large and small. For many of us, it’s changed how we spend our money, and therefore how we accumulate and use those oh-so-desirable rewards doled out by our credit card companies, travel reward programs and the like.

With that in mind, we reached out to the experts at for a look at the credit card rewards landscape in the age of COVID-19 — as well as how it might look when this catastrophe is in the rearview mirror — and some ideas for how you might best navigate it.

Travel rewards — what to do?

Wealth and family can be a tricky mix. Affluence can help families achieve great things and realize their shared vision, of course. But it also can create resentments and rifts that could potentially damage a family’s financial position and cause estrangement among family members.

What’s more, as wealthy families grow and expand over time, one big issue is keeping them and their shared capital together. Sometimes the wealth remains commingled because of legal structures, such as multigenerational trusts. …

When COVID-19 first hit, closures and lockdowns made virtual resources the only way to see certain sites — drawing in viewers to virtual zoo tours and the like. A Forbes article reported that the number of searches for the term “virtual tour” soared from 1,300 in February 2020 to nearly 10,000 the following month, when cities and countries began locking down.

But even though many more places and businesses are now open to the public in some form or another, it seems that virtual experiences may have staying power.

Example: In one survey, 64 percent of people said they will…

We find that people who have reached the highest levels of success and built truly significant wealth tend to share a number of key traits that are responsible for their amazing results.

One of the most important traits is a strong sense of purpose that drives what they do to become highly successful. There is typically a clear connection between having a strong sense of purpose and achieving excellence.

With that in mind, take a minute to ask:

  • What makes you excited about getting up in the morning?
  • What do you want to do every day you possibly can?
  • If…

Nearly every company we can think of has a brand that communicates its culture and mission. But chances are, most of us have never considered what our family’s culture is all about — what we and our closest loved ones stand for as a unit.

That means we may be missing a great opportunity to apply the lessons of corporate branding to our families — to define our values and priorities in a way that can help us strengthen our relationships, improve our communities and even potentially increase our wealth.

To learn how, we reached out to Chris Smith. As…

Each day, we have limited amounts of time and energy to do what needs to be done while also trying to cultivate meaningful lives. Is it any wonder so many of us feel stressed?

The good news: It can be easier than you might think to increase your overall effectiveness and efficiency. For advice, we turned to Nick Sonnenberg, CEO of the outsourcing platform Leverage and a foremost expert in achieving efficiency. He’s also the author of the upcoming book Come Up for Air: How Your Team Can Leverage Systems and Tools to Stop Drowning in Work.

Adopting the right efficiency mindset

Efficiency strategies are…

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